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css3 bring more and more style effect and rotate to … the web!
just forget the pass (IE browser) and move to the new (firefox)

interesting tutorial are here, take a look!

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Always bookmark websites that are really useful and able to increase productivity!!
interesting reading from experts! 😛

I also bookmarked in my site! check the “tools” on the sidebar, those are used for me! 🙂

Email Spambot Protection Generator
JSON Formatter and Validator
Guide to CSS Support
Password Generator
Htaccess Tools
Code Beautifier
W3C Validator
Raw Url Encode/Decode
Favicon Creator
W3C Find Broken Links
PC Names
XML Sitemaps Generator


Just many nice stuff going on here, of course we should donate if we use those stuff ourselves for support his development, who make our life easier!

jQuery Drag & Drop

Using jQuery PHP and MySQL a complete drag and drop script that updates the database. demo

  • jQuery Delete

    Delete items using PHP jQuery using an AJAX request demo

  • PHP jQuery and MySQL Autosuggest

    A powerful autosuggest script that searches a MySQL database to return you result demo

  • jQuery & PHP username checker

    Checks the database to see if a chosen username exists in the database and returns true or false demo

  • CSS3 Buttons

    Styling elegant buttons using CSS3 demo

  • Feedburner Stats

    Using PHP and CURL to get your feedburner subscriber count demo

  • jQuery & PHP username checker

    Checks the database to see if a chosen username exists in the database and returns true or false demo

  • jQuery image Zoom

    create a simple gallery with a hover image effect demo

  • jQuery PHP & MySQL inline editing

    Edit page content directly in the browser inline using jQuery AJAX requests demo

  • jQuery Gallery

    Animated jQuery gallery with title and description demo

  • Highlighting form inputs

    Highlight any input field using JavaScript demo

  • jQuery JSON & PHP

    Create a simple product gallery using JSONP PHP and MySQL demo

  • jQuery Tabs

    Simple tabs rendered using jQuery demo

  • jQuery XML

    build a product gallery parsing XML using jQuery demo

  • jTruncate

    Using the jTruncate plugin to truncate text with a ‘more’ link demo

  • PHP Page scrape

    Scrape page contents using PHP and CURL demo

  • AJAX Check

    Check to see if a normal GET or POST request was made or if an AJAX request was made demo

  • PHP Pagination

    A useful and raw PHP pagination script that could be adapted in to a class demo

  • jQuery Sliding Menu

    jQuery drop down slide in / out menu inspired by demo

  • jQuery Tooltips

    An experimentation into building jQuery tooltips with AJAX requests, images etc demo

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    Super pretty css3 button and tutorial! 🙂


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