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The Users Online PHP script is a very simple script what allows you to display how many people are viewing your website at any one time. This Script will Generate a small image (like the small RSS 80×15 buttons) with then number of visitors viewing your site.

The look of the generated image by the php script is easy to customize by editing the script file or on-the-fly (by url(AIP)). The main features of this user counter script are, it doesn’t require a database to run and it allows you to display this information on any page you are not just limited to PHP pages.



BIGACE – a dynamic PHP and MySQL based Web CMS. It is a multi-site, multi-language and multi-user Web CMS, whose keypoints are ease of use, speed, flexibility and a simple Installation.
Use the WYSIWYG FCKeditor for HTML Content. Has Versioning, Workflows, Right Management, Templates and many more.

And it is a free, professional grade software package that allows you to set up your own Website within minutes.

Its powerful backend puts you in full control of the layout, service and content of your Pages. BIGACE is written in the popular language PHP and uses a MySQL database. It is designed to provide you with all the features you need from a CMS while having an absolute minimal impact on the resources of the server.

BIGACE is the next generation of CMS software, and best of all – it is and will always remain completely free!

Key features: BIGACE is a multisite, multilanguage and multiuser Web CMS. Written in PHP for MySQL. Easy-to-use. Fully-integrated WYSIWYG Editor. Customizable Templates and Stylesheets, User and Permission management, many AddOns, Content versioning, Workflows, full backend access with the object-orientated PHP API. No need for Developers to know SQL or DB Structure.

Seem good to keep it in my bookmarks for future use!


Newswall is an open source web application that can display feeds and e-mails from any number of sources.

It shows the items as blocks in a dynamical way: the browser width determines the number of blocks per row. Also, depending on the text size of a message, the block contains text only, a header image and text below or just an image.

Besides the intros, full feeds and e-mails (pop and imap are supported) can be read on a click.

The application is multilingual (several languages are already included) and its look can be customized by updating the CSS file.

Newswall is built with PHP and doesn’t require any database.


Dynamic PHP Image Gallery that is built with PHP.

It automatically scans a given directory, creates the thumbnails of every image and display them.

No Bullshit PHP Image Gallery

Images can be browsed by simply clicking on thumbnails or with the prev-next buttons and, optionally, the original images can be shown in a lightbox.

Also, thanks to the theming support, it is possible to customize the look and feel of the gallery.


Pimcore is a feature-rich and robust PHP content management system, that is built with Zend Framework, for creating and managing digital content + assets.

The interface is powered with ExtJS and almost all editing is done via drag ‘n’ drops.

It is possible to work on multiple documents at the same time with the help of the multi-tabbed usage.
Pimcore is also a product information management framework (PIM) which means true multi-channel publishing and integration into ecommerce systems like Magento and OXID eSales.

The application is powerful on controlling digital assets as well. It can be integrated to the desktop using WebDAV or to the 3rd party systems via web services.


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ThePhig is an easy to use open source PHP script that enables you to create an album of images by simply uploading a directory of images to the server. Its password protected admin area enables users to easily manage information related to specific album and uploaded images. It requires PHP5.2+, GD Library and MySQL database.

ThePhig adds automatic thumbnail creation, and provide you with three different image overlays: PrettyPhoto, FancyBox, and Shutter Reloaded for the front end. Another important feature is its ability to have the images in an album mapped out (on Google Maps) for you, if coordinates exist in the EXIF data.


* Automatic thumbnail creation of images
* Easily customizable with CSS
* Open source allows for the modification of the underlying code if needed
* A password protected administration panel for modifying many of the settings of the gallery (such as name of the gallery, image titles, etc)
* The ability to create an album icon directly from the administration panel
* If coordinates exist in the EXIF data, the ability to have the images in an album mapped out (on Google Maps) for you
* Easy to implement into an existing website
* Currently supporting three different image overlays: PrettyPhoto, FancyBox, and Shutter Reloaded

With all the other useful features ThePhig lacks the ability to upload images from the admin area – but you can easily add this feature yourself by integrating an open source file manager with it.

Developed by Ryan Reed; ThePhig is available for download under GNU General Public License.. You can find further information, demo & download on ThePhig Website.



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