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As a designer, Color tools are important, to help out find the right color web tools!!!

Choosing the right colors and color combination for your web or print design is crucial when trying to invoke a certain feel, reaction or emotion from your viewers. In this post I have assembled an amazing collection of color selectors / color combination tools to make the selection process a little easier when trying to figure out what colors to use in your next design. All these tools are unique in their own way, so find the one that is right for your design needs and good luck with that next big project. Enjoy!



PatternCooler is a a free Seamless Pattern Background Design Resource. You can add your own colors to contemporary and retro pattern designs, or browse from thousands of pre-colored patterns in the seamless pattern background library.

All artworks on the site can be used freely for blogs, MySpace profiles, Twitter, mobile phone wallpapers, scrapbooking, personal artwork, and non-commercial web projects.


Pattern8 was created to make it easier to find high quality free seamless patterns. It offers free vector and pixel patterns you need. It keeps things simple and allows searching by color.

You can use Pattern8 files for personal and commercial work. You can also use Pattern8 files in your own design work. That includes web design, t-shirts, business cards, greetings card, stationery, posters, flyers, branding etc.
Free Seamless Vector and Pixel Patterns

Color is the integral element with design. It can bring a bland idea to life, it can revitalize a boring and dreary web site and can bring lifeless art to, well, life. Why is it so powerful? Because different colors can invoke different emotions with different people, thus altering our perception of how we see art.

In today’s news round up we have collected some color related articles, some tools for your inspiration and learning.

Color Theory for Designers, Part 1: The Meaning of Color
25 Color Combination Tools for Designers
Colorgorize the Web
What If Computer Graphics Ran Under Crayola’s Law?


It is useful … when you doing web design, forget what codes …. are the colors…..
and css code….


CSS Tutorial

System Fonts

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Color Theory For Designers, Understanding Concepts And Terminology
Interesting Color web design with good concepts!



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